Online surveys are a great way to get insights into the knowledge and opinions. The problem is that people currently need a computer or smartphone to answer the questions. Roomloaded allows simple phones to call directly to a screen that shows the survey . Please visit for more information.


Turn your beamer, urban-screen, or plasma-tv into a Roomloaded game console, where people use their mobiles as the controllers.

See for a Roomloaded game displayed on a large urban screen in Lelystad (city in the Netherlands)

Interactive advertisements.

Attract more potential customers by making your advertisments interactive. For example, let people make a virtual testdrive with your car.

See for a demo (in Dutch) of a car-advertisement where dialers can drive and customize a 3D model.


Let people from home interact with your TV-programs. For example a Quiz where people dial the number for the quiz and see how they perform on their TV.

As an example we developed a game for  UilenTV (a local Dutch TV station) where a live “Snake” game is broadcasted and people can play from home with their fixed or mobile phones.